I have this app for my iphone, Wine Log.  It’s really good if you like wine, which I do.  You give the wine a rating and set the varietal.  You can take a picture of the bottle and then you can give a little description of the wine.  Turns out I like Italian whites and dry reds from Oregon.  Who fucking knew right?

I also recently got my California Medicinal Marijuana Card several months ago.  Not because I smoke a ton of weed, but because I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of being able to go into various dispensaries and have conversations about the differences between Purple Urkle, Sour Diesel and Lavender with a licensed professional marijuana pharmacist.  Also I have “trouble sleeping”.

I wanted to start keeping track of my weed purchases so I started using my wine app for weed too.  Where as my wine descriptions say things like, “Peppery with a hint of walnut” my weed descriptions say things like, “Makes me trip out about the dog,” or “Makes Leno bearable”.


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