The World Wildlife Fund has some strangely compelling and effective spots that depict wild animals that have been bombed up.  It’s not fair on their part to use graffiti as a metaphor for the part of civilization that is infringing on and exploiting the planet.  I support the impact they’re trying to make and I think the spots are well done though.  Some creative will win a shit load of awards and we’ll all be sick of hearing about these spots soon enough.


One thought on “WWF

  1. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the creativity of the spot but it’s not cool to see people who dont understand writing further perpetrate the stereotypes many idiots think about the artform(despite some of these stereotypes being based in fact). Reminds me of how every old shot in a bad neighborhood in a PSA has “graffiti” done by people who don’t write on a fake wall. This is done in a clever way and hope it raises awareness but my first reaction isn’t totally positive.


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